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Latinarrific is an award-winning 360° platform offering Latinas and their families in depth knowledge, training, tips and tools to learn and prosper by illuminating the path to financial freedom.

Latinarrific celebrates, empowers and supports the 30 million Latinas living in the United States and those who admire them. We offer a holistic and contemporary approach to financial freedom, financial wellness, and self-worth for Latinas who aspire to live better, provide for their families, and be women of independent means.

Our mission is to educate, entertain and enrich the lives of today’s aspiring American Latinas.

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The Latinarrific Academy for Entrepreneurship offers transformational training, tips and tools to help jumpstart your journey to the success, rewards and financial freedom that you envision. 

The Academy will help to accelerate growth with the insider’s perspective on the information and knowledge successful business professionals use to scale and grow. Knowledge and perspective inspire the confidence, the courage and the aspirations that contribute to measurable results. 

Entrepreneurship can be defined as the process of developing, organizing, and managing a new business, generating profits while assuming financial risk. The entrepreneur is often perceived as an innovator, as well as a source of new ideas, products, services and even business procedures. Is this your ambition?

Whether you already have a business or are planning to start one, 3 words can be the difference between outsize success or catastrophic failure. Prepare. Prepare. Prepare.

Latinarrific tutorials and webinars are designed to demystify finance and processes and enhance confidence. Latinas are the fastest growing small business sector in the US today. We recognize the significant role of financial literacy in accelerating the path to success. 

“So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur” is a MasterClass in English and Spanish, taught with video modules and practical worksheets, created by recognized financial professional, Soledad Tanner.  Learn more here.

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