Finance Channel

 Illuminate your finances, take the course, do the work, and become the best version of yourself, confident, knowledgeable, prepared to move forward with your goals and ambitions.

Whether you have a business, or you’re planning to start one, properly preparing yourself for what’s to come can be the difference between massive success and catastrophic failure.

The Latinarrific Finance Channel will offer MasterClass courses taught by highly skilled industry knowledge experts.  Business and finance lessons, learned the hard way, become easy and fun. These detailed tutorials are designed to demystify finance and guide working women to feeling confident about money and success,

The goal is to help women achieve financial wellness, financial success, and ultimately financial freedom.

Pre-register here for the MasterClass:  “So You Want To Be An Entrepreneur”,  MasterClass, taught by Soledad Tanner, MIB and CEO, Latinarrific

Available Q1 2022.