Diversity = Productivity and Profitability 

Latinas across Corporate America shared their stories, experiences, and insights for this groundbreaking research, conducted by the Network of Executive Women (NEW) and Latinarrific.

Our world is changing, and so is the way to identify Latina leaders. Now is your time to adapt and prepare for a competitive advantage in the marketplace.

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Who Are We?

Latinarrific is an award-winning 360° marketing solution aimed to assist companies and organizations to effectively reach the US Hispanic market; also offering Latinas and their families a way to learn and prosper, while securing overall stability. 
Latinarrific’s multicultural team conducts qualitative market research, database development, Listen to Lift 3.0™ workshops, and creates customized programs to effect change in diversity and inclusion.

Our Manifesto

A sisterhood, a way of life. Being part of Latinarrific means that you can be authentic, while focusing on building your best self, and transforming your life. Your community, your stories, and your life-enhancing tools start here.

What We Offer


Latinarrific Media Networks

The Latinarrific platform is a social media advertising and sponsorship network and aggregate of specific U.S. Hispanic and Latina social media sites, trusted bloggers, affiliate ad networks and exchanges, websites and portals.

Latinarrific Media Networks develops vertical market subsets within the network, with topics of interest to Latinarrific fans, followers and advocates in the following key areas:  Mindset, Wellness, Cooking, Life Choices, Family, Finance and Beauty.  Latinarrific’s  Tribal Leaders© and media partners, offer a seasoned and diverse integrated solution for the Hispanic market.  


Latinarrific Training and Courses

Latinarrific offers onsite and multimedia educational, inspirational and aspirational courses, as well as access to key mentors, in order to help American Latinas overcome their challenges.

Latinarrific has developed proprietary tools and programs for Corporations, Organizations and Small Business to enhance diversity and inclusion initiatives, and to create opportunities for advancement for Latinas and women of color. 


Latinarrific Live

Latinarrific helps CMOs use their resources to more cost effectively engage with the Latina market.  Latinarrific hosts events, both live and virtual, webinars, courses, think tanks and celebrations.

Book publishing, and a Latina Speaker’s Bureau are an integral part of the Latinarrific offering.