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  • This consummate Colombian-German performer recounts her dramatic path to music production.

You might say Sandra Eichler was made for the stage. Born in Stuttgart, Germany in 1968, her parents, Karl Heinz Eichler and Maria Pardo, were both opera stars.

The tot was performing by the time she was three—her inaugural role, playing the son of Madame Butterfly in an operatic production of the seminal Puccini opera.

By the time she was six she’d performed in any number of productions including The Magic Flute (Mozart).

Sandra, however, had something more than the showbiz bug in common with her parents. Like them, she was an only child. As a result she sought the community spirit of the stage, of the artist colony, of adoring audiences…

The German/Spanish/English speaking wunderkind was whisked off to Bogota, Colombia at the age of seven when her parents separated.

“My mother and father never divorced. They were always “soul mates” with the temperament of artists—they were forever, in love with one another.”

Sandra studied at the German school in Colombia (where theatre was a vibrant part of the curriculum).

You must have spirit—not to walk with your hands out, but your hands eternally busy, creating your own realities and success.

By the age of twelve, Sandra snagged her first television gig—a reoccurring role as hostess on a Sesame Street type show. With her mother still very active in opera, the lass was surrounded by a world of thespians, artists and bon vivant’s—her life’s course, fairly well carved.

Sandra graduated from High School in 1987 and enrolled at Javeriana University, where she studied Social Communications and received a Master’s in Journalism.

After college, the trouper was hired to host for the National News (television). That ripe opportunity, however, was soon challenged when she was offered a major television role in “La Alternativa del Escorpion” a program dedicated to exposing the hypocrisy of the very industry she was working—the National Media!

“You must realize this was a time in Colombia when corruption and narco-trafficking were at its peak and here I was working the news desk by day and indicting it by night—I simply couldn’t serve two masters and was given an ultimatum.”

The consummate performer opted out of the “establishment” and went with her heart—a decision that boded well, as La Alternativa del Escorpion was a hit, which spawned any number of spin-offs, culminating some years later with her role in the television show “Tabú”.

In 1996 Sandra married—a year later her son Julian was born.  Sandra’s husband was a business executive and at this most precarious of times in Colombia things were problematic, to say the least.

“At that time, companies actually held kidnap insurance on their executives—that’s how bad it was. Apparently the company he was working for got a message that he was to be kidnapped. It was mutually agreed that he ought to leave for the States. He went to Miami. I couldn’t go, not at the time, as I was under contract for a television show. So he settled in and Julian and I followed within a year.”

Editor’s Note:
In 2010 Sandra and her husband, Gabriel Cifuentes, decided to combine their myriad artistic talents and form their own company, Saga 11 Productions.
The company is renown for its recording and producing music capabilities. Saga 11 also provides high quality live musicians for arts and cultural events, private affairs, hotels and conventions.
Saga 11 Productions Website

Talk about drama—the stuff of cloak and dagger—Sandra’s life in a nutshell…

Sandra was unfazed, you might say, the situation provided a visceral thrill. You see, Sandra’s soul has always been ignited by the prospect of starting over—a recurring theme in her life’s journey.

While television work wasn’t as steady as it had been in Colombia, Sandra still caught on with any number of telenovelas, including, but not limited to, Pecados Ajenos (Telemundo/NBC), Una Maid en Manhattan (Telemundo/NBC) and Marido en Alquiler (Telemundo/NBC).

Divorced in 2008 (in her words, leaving with nothing but her son and her dog), Sandra fared on. A year later she married artist Gabriel Cifuentes. And while she was still working the soap scene, the two artists decided to combine their myriad artistic talents and form their own company Saga11 Productions.

“At first we concentrated our energies on live concerts, but in order to truly monetize the business we needed to expand our brand and we found Corporate Event promotions as a viable option.”

As their website boasts, “Saga 11 is an award winning music production company specializing in recording and producing music and providing high quality musicians and live music to art and cultural events for the US, Mexican and Colombian markets.”

Asked to describe her Latinarrific thread, Sandra paused (somewhat dramatically) and then told this writer, “Passion.  The Latin passion—to always see each day as a new day. To never give up—to thirst for challenge!

“Latin women are strong—we are mothers, bosses, lovers and survivors. The United States is a country where all things are available, yet nothing is given. You must have spirit—not to walk with your hands out, but your hands eternally busy, creating your own realities and success. I believe it is that mix of Latin romanticism and the American Dream which make me Latinarrific!”


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