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  • This multi-lingual, multi-cultural firebrand took what looked like adversity and ran it up the ladder of success.

While Minué Yoshida is a multi-lingual (English, Spanish, Portuguese, some French, and Japanese) firebrand.  Her back-story is swathed in the sound track from the film Titanic with a healthy dose of Romeo and Juliet to boot!

Minué’s professional pedigree combines a potent mix of business, consulting, public speaking and workshops. But it’s that back-story that sets the tone, and so let’s go back—back to the early 1900’s when her grandparents, Hiroo Yoshida and Kumiko Ando, hopped on a freighter for parts unknown (turned out to be Mexico) to elope.

“My grandparents were in love but from entirely different castes. Their marriage was unacceptable in the Japan of that era. So rather than shame and pale the honor of their respective families, they ran off. Literally taking the first ship they could find, with no idea, where they were headed. They eventually arrived in Mexico!”

Hiroo (a botanist) and his cultured/professor wife, canvassed Mexico. And while they adored the beauty and flora of the country, from Sonora to Veracruz, they ultimately settled down in Mexico City where they integrated with a small, existing pocket of a local Japanese community.

Minué ’s father (Masaharu) was the eldest of two sons. When Masaharu was a teen his younger brother was involved in an accident, the moment, so profound, led the lad to commit to a career in medicine, (he ultimately became a pediatrician and neonatologist).

It was during Masaharu’s first year of residence in the state of Coahuila that he met the woman he would ultimately marry—Magdalena.

Now comes the part where Romeo and Juliet, with a healthy dose of irony, enter stage left…

You see, the very people who had fled their families and country for love were now adamantly against the coupling of their son with a Mexican! And for a kicker, Magdalena’s parents were every bit as biased against her marrying a Japanese man.

I always knew I wanted to be involved in multiculturalism. I always had a thirst to explore, see the world and embrace other cultures

After a 4-year courtship, during which, neither family would relent in their opposition, and which, lore has it, that Hiroo even threatened suicide if the nuptials went through—Magdalena’s charm ultimately won the day.

Eventually, the cagey kitten became the first Mexican woman to wear a kimono in their Catholic Church wedding!

This is the stuff of Hollywood, and the stuff of Minué’s far-ranging life…

Born the youngest of four children (Mexico City), the mixed cultured Minué withstood the barbs and not so subtle cutting remarks of other children. Rather than shrink from her mixed breed mien, Minué thoroughly embraced it.

“I always knew I wanted to be involved in multiculturalism. I always had a thirst to explore, see the world and embrace other cultures.”

Minué’s extensive educational resume includes degrees in Business Education (Pedagogy) from the Universidad Panamericana, Professional Leadership Skills Development from the Universidad Iberoamericana, a Facilitator of Certification from the University of Navarra, Spain, and a Chartered Leadership Fellowship designation from The American College.

Minué’s ascension in the professional world was every bit as impressive as her educational trajectory. The on-the-move maven went from a managerial position at MCI in Mexico City and then Monterrey, to Senior Regional Manager at AOL where she was eventually whisked away to the USA to act as a Senior Manager for the company’s Latino Division. She counts executive stints as a Consultant at Ogilvy & Mather, National Training and Development at New York Life for Multicultural Markets as well as serving as Chief Motivational Officer for The Latinista, and an avid advocate and ambassador for Diversity and Inclusion.

But it was the AOL promotion that moved her back from Monterrey to Mexico City, which changed the landscape in a most profound way…

“It wasn’t just music to my ears, but a symphony to my ears. I was not only invited back to my hometown of Mexico City, but asked to both travel and intertwine business in Brazil, Argentina, Puerto Rico and Mexico!

“I had to learn Portuguese and I did, in six short months!”

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But the best part of this drama was that Minué met Jason (her eventual husband, born in Halifax Nova Scotia, Canada) who just so happened to be the Senior Director of Training and Development for AOL Inc.

And falling back to the romance novel aspect of this yarn, due to issues of multiple visas being verboten, Minué was faced with the option of committing to love or business (she choose the former).

“It’s easier to find a good job than a wonderful and kind person!” she said with no falter.

The pair married in San Antonio, Texas (a convenience for both families).

And, oh how the fates conspired…

“Serendipity from the Universe spoke aloud. After just four months of living in the USA, I was offered the opportunity to work with the launch of AOL Latino. I had to start all over again, but I decided to give a step back to take impulse and go further.”

Perhaps the favorite line this scribe heard from the subject was this, “If you’re a canary, wherever you are, you’ll sing,” and sing she did!

And the warrior woman continued on her way (her ascension previously mentioned).

It all wrapped up in a not so curious eventuality. In May, 2017 (the first anniversary of her escaping the thumb of the corporate world), Minué was on-stage in Chicago, promoting “Today’s Inspired Latina” a book she co-authored with 25 other Latina women with stories to tell.

Today Minué is President of Yoshida Consulting LLC, where she serves as a Keynote/Platform Speaker—for opening ceremonies, presentations, interactive workshops, and more.

She is currently working on her book on “Effectively Training in a Multicultural Environment”, preparing videos on Public Speaking, and collaborating with great organizations and groups like Latinas in Business, D&I Entrepreneurs and, of course, Latinarrific!

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