Latinarrific for Brands and Marketers

She’s into family, food and fun. She’s American to the core with strong ties to her cultural roots. She’s loco for all things technological and more likely to download apps, chat, stream, listen to music, play games, shop and share with her friends than her peers. She’s part of America’s fastest growing demographic. And she controls 86% of approximately $1.5 trillion in annual consumer spending.

She’s Latinariffic. And if you’re a marketer, she’s the woman you want to reach

Latinariffic is the go to hub for all things Latina. Here, marketers will find a 360-degree platform for reaching this burgeoning demographic. From mobile retail activation to special events, social media to video production and distribution, merchandising to promotions, Latinariffic provides its customers the key to reaching this powerful market.”

Download the Latinarrific Integrated Marketing Platform Presentation

  • Latinarrific is a brand being developed and licensed into multiple platforms, including merchandising and media.
  • Initially Latinarrific will be positioned as a 360° marketing solution to assist CMO’s in solving the problem of how to effectively reach the US Hispanic market via Latinas and their families.
  • The majority of CMO’s today simply buy ads on Hispanic television channels and cannot relate those ads to what is happening in the store.
  • The Latinarrific marketing and merchandising platform is the Shopper-Marketer solution for the Hispanic Market.
  • Latinarrific helps the American Latina solve her problems through educational, inspirational and aspirational video programming and through product education coupons, and samplings.
  • Latinarrific helps the CMO spend money more cost effectively to engage with their Latina market and increase sales at store level.