Cintia Calevoso


  • This leading entertainment lawyer and litigator is also a blend of art, spirituality and science.

One gets the feeling that Cintia Calevoso beamed up sometime between the death of Alexander the Great and the crumbling of the Cleopatra/Marc Anthony alliance. 


This earthbound dichotomy is solidly grounded, yet cosmically curious—a Hellenistic throwback if ever there was one! 


The worldly, woodwind playing, barrister with bohemian leanings is a practical, pragmatic professional who nonetheless epitomizes that marvelous brew of art, spirituality and science (thus the Hellenistic tag—get it?). 


While Cintia’s parents stood their ground throughout Argentina’s “Dirty War” (early 70’s through early 80’s). By the mid 1980’s they, as well as many others, saw the writing on the wall—the impending potential economic peril of the Alfonsin administration. This was apparently enough to make them move to the United States (with two-year old daughter Cintia in tow). 


In 1986, the family moved to Texas (settling with an Aunt who had moved a few years prior). In short order they relocated to South Florida. 


“My family’s idea of assimilation was not quite traditional. While I learned the English language, and in turn helped them learn it, we nonetheless maintained our mother-tongue at home. We continued our Argentinean traditions, food and nuances—all the while embracing the social mores of our new society.” 

The Latina has an inclination, a desire, to be the quintessential Renaissance woman. No limits—for us the glass ceiling is only as high as one’s finger tips can reach. We strive to be what we can be without tethers—real or perceived—nothing holds us back!

As a youth, Cintia found herself attracted to the rich histories of ancient Egypt and Greece. She gravitated towards the arts—especially music.  


By the age of twelve she picked up the violin—at fourteen, the flute (it should be noted that her mother’s side of the family included many musicians, composers and visual artists). 


During this period Cintia’s parents divorced. Despite the potential trauma of such a situation, her strong faith-based Mormon parents remained close and committed to their family. 


To further her artistic aspirations, Cintia was enrolled in a Miami based arts school—her family supportive and encouraging of her dreams. But the restless teen was busy exploring the smorgasbord of altruistic options and possibilities. A keen interest in psychology spurred Cintia to eventually enroll at Florida Atlantic University, where she received a BA in Psychology. 


From Florida Atlantic, Cintia, with a growing interest in forensics (a hearty thread of psychology, with social and legal implications) enrolled at Nova Southeastern University, where she received her Juris Doctor in Law. 


After graduation Cintia went to work as a litigation consultant. 


“It was the perfect match of psych and law—it allowed me to immerse myself into the motivations of people, especially potential jurors—what tilts them to judge things one way or another.” 

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It wasn’t long before Cintia was gathering clients of her own and her business began to grow. 


And then the old entertainment bug took a bite and Cintia opened a music entertainment company (all the while continuing her legal endeavors).  


Her group provided entertainment for venues and events throughout South Florida, “music installations” she explained to this writer. 


Their roster grew exponentially and included such diverse talents as Keba, Giselle FluteTrance and Elastic Bond (among many others). And while that business still thrives today, Cintia, while embracing the exciting local party scene, once again thirsted for the more cerebral, left-brain, cultivation of the legal/social impact proposition—taking with her, through osmosis of sorts, the world of entertainment in her wake. 


Today Cintia is the managing attorney at CALEVOSO LAW in Miami (focusing on arts and entertainment). Her swath of expertise also includes corporate and business law, copyright and trademark law and commercial litigation. 


As for what makes this Bohême barrister Latinarrific, she responded without pause. 


“The Latina has an inclination, a desire, to be the quintessential Renaissance woman. No limits—for us the glass ceiling is only as high as one’s finger tips can reach. We strive to be what we can be without tethers—real or perceived—nothing holds us back!” 


The happily married (and hoping to soon start a family) Cintia is currently delving into a not-for-profit organization of her own. She is in the process of creating a foundation to reintegrate art, spirituality and science into the human condition in an effort to enhance the creative source embedded in us all. 


Latinarrific salutes Cintia Calevoso… 


At this time we are only asking you to join our sisterhood and participate in the development of our family.


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